Breastfeedin Coalition of Palm Beach County

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Breastfeeding Coalition of PBC
c/o The Children's Healing Institute
1803 S. Australian Ave., Suite G
W.P.B., FL 33409

Partners with
The Children's
Healing Institute

The Children's Healing Institute
Helpful Downloads
  Support for Breastfeeding FamiliesSupport for Breastfeeding Families
Our brochure that provides a guide to getting help with breastfeeding.
Download English or Spanish
  Skin to Skin Contact for You and Your Baby Skin to Skin Contact for You and Your Baby
Learn how skin to skin contact benefits babies and mothers.
Download English or Spanish
  Making Milk
Making Milk is Easy!

Learn 10 easy steps to make plenty of milk.
Download English or Spanish
  Discharge instructionDischarge Instructions
What to know when you go home with your baby, including instructions on safe co-sleeping.
Download English or Spanish
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Our mission is to ensure a strong, positive climate of breastfeeding promotion, education and support through continued coordination of activities utilizing varied resources and a cooperative network of community individuals, organizations and agencies.
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